We help you

in any case related to the mining industry. You want to deal with mining, but do not know where to start? Just contact us.

We will find a field for you to prepare all the necessary documentation for its use and will guide you in the process of subsoil use.

You need only make one call.

Our manager will listen to you and offer a number of solutions to any problem, be it the beginning of the work - exploration and preparation of documentation for the deposit - or the continuation.

No matter what happens, we will help and advise you.

Obtaining permits and approvals.

Preparation of documents, registration records, geological exploration. It usually takes a long time and effort, and without the guarantee of a successful outcome. Working with us, you can be sure of efficiency, reliability and ease of communication.

And again, we are working really fast.

We are easy to work.

Start by selecting a package or make up your own. Then you will be contacted and a company representative will answer all your questions.

With us you as soon as possible begin to make a profit from their fields without worrying about the checks, the timing of submission of documents or other problems - we will warn them in advance and decide for you.

- Our company will accompany you in the process of subsoil use, eliminating all the legal and technical problems before they occur .
- We will hand over the report to Geoinform, will inform you on the timing of submission of documents, and we'll get all the necessary geological information.
- We will carry out exploration for you, draw up a report on mineral resources, protect it in the DKZ and obtain the special permit on mining.
- All permission from the Ministry of Environment, Gosgorpromnadzora and the special permit for the development of mineral deposits in three weeks!

Four steps to obtain special permission

Permit for special water use, special permits for subsoil use.




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Matching Gosgorpromnadzora


Ministry of
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