"Ukrgeoinvest Consulting" is ukrainian company that provides information, legal and geological support in mining. The company provides a full range of services: geology, geodesy, hydrogeology, topography, ecology, mining engineering.



-Projects development of mineral depositsых

-Projects geological-economic assessment and revaluation of deposits

-Projects assessment of the environmental impact assessment (EIA)

-Projects reclamation

Engineering geology for construction

Ask geologist

  • GPS-navigator. It allows you to make automatic route calculation, has an electronic compass, barometric altimeter (Altimeter) Photo Navigation.

  • South S750-G2 - this is a new generation of intelligent GNSS South Surveying Company receivers for surveying and GIS data collection in real time, and with the post-processing of session.

  • South SDE-28S from the company South Surveying & Mapping Instruments - a high-precision and reliable tool to perform hydrographic surveying work.